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An unnamed perfume

About the project
“The names of the BYREDO fragrances often describe the origin of an idea,
a thought that leads to a brief presented to the perfumer. With fragrance being completely
subjective these names spark the imagination of the perfumer and finally the customer.
They each experience the fragrance even before they smell the ingredients in the bottle.
We still find it fascinating that people interpret our fragrances in so many ways.

To celebrate BYREDO’s 10 year anniversary we created an unnamed fragrance that allows
our customers to choose a name meaningful to them, and customize the label of their bottle.
This is our way of celebrating the notion and uniqueness of smell and an opportunity
to thank our partners, retailers and staff as well as the loyal customers who have
supported and grown BYREDO to what it is today.”

Ben Gorham, Founder and Creative Director of BYREDO
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